Orangutan Coffee Project
Orang Utan

Orang Utan Coffee

Orang Utan Project Coffee is a social project to avoid deforestation of the forests of Sumatra, to improve conditions of coffee farmers and preserve the habitat of the orangutan preserving ecosystem.
A project active in over 20 countries, roasted coffee roasters 39 worldwide among whom is Dibarcafé.

Very creamy and balanced coffee with sweet notes of chocolate flavour, nuts and spices with a very low acidity and a smooth, long aftertaste.

Region: Central Highlands & Gayo Aceh.
Property: Bersih & Umang wih Ishaq.

Altitude: + 1,300M.

Process: Washed Semi.
Variety: A blend of Tim-Tim & Ateng.


Orangutan Coffee Project

Can 250 gr. coffee beans
Can 250 gr. ground coffee

1kg package. coffee beans

Orangutan Coffee Project

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