Gran final del Circuito Premium 2019 de Golf

Next weekend we will be at the Gran final del Circuito Premium 2019 de Golf in Lanzarote. Mixing two worlds that we really love: golf and coffee. Can’t wait!


Lugares Dibarcafé: Pepito Restaurante


Keep exploring! Looking for new coffes in Colombia. Sometimes our work takes us to amazing places.


Salón de Gourmets – Campeonatos SCA 2018

Great days of work and learnings in Madrid, sharing with good friends!


Federació Acapps Day

On 4th nov we were there collaborating on the speechs and activities by Federació ACAPPS. Thanks again for your extraordinary work!


Encuentros Cafeteros 2017

Conferences, speechs, great coffees and lots of mates. Happy to have been again at Encuentros Cafeteros by Mare Terra and IE Cafe!


Work day at La Real

Intense and great work day at La Real Hamburguesería Barcelona. Cheers mates!



Independent Bcn Coffee Festival 2017

Intense days at the IBCF: friday day for the PROS and Saturday, Open Day. Workshops, friends, good mood and lots of coffee!




We have almost all our products redesigned by slow, and we are finishing the photoshooting with Marc Ensenyat. Stay tuned!



II Vella Terra Fest

Last sunday we were in the 2nd edition of Vella Terra fest, focused on artisan gastronomy products, with our Orang Utan Coffee. Thanks to our friends of Dalla Corte, the staff, llet Cal Porta, and all the mates that came to say hi!


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Mina Sessions

Great to be at Mina Sessions in Espacio Dalla Corte learning with de Dc Coffee pros!





Tostaderos at Crema magazine

Tostaderos in a great article of the best coffee shops in Barcelona by Crema mag. Cheers mates!





Tostaderos almond milk

Introducing the almond milk made with Azienda Parrinello almonds.





Encuentros Cafeteros

Remembering a great weekend at Encuentros Cafeteros. Thanks Instituto Español de cafe-IECafe. Oficial SCAE & MareTerra!




Independent Bcn Coffee Festival


The first Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival was a great opprortunity to chat with friends, to enjoy the Aeropress National Championship and, of course, and to enjoy good coffees. Cheers y’all!





Vella Terra Fest.


Yesterday we were at the I Vella Terra fair celebrated in Poble Espanyol of Barcelona, introducing Orang Utan Coffee. A great day in an event focused on high quality artisan product. A pleasure to spend the day with friends sharing the same passion.





Umami Barista Camp

Last week we were in la Toscana at the Umami Barista Camp by Andrej Godina. Coffee lovers from all around the world learning and breathing coffee all day. We visited great places such as Caffè Piansa, Dinicaffè and Oriental Caffe’ amongst others.
It’s great to learn and enjoy at the same time!









Llet Porta

The importance of milk: proud to have Llet Porta at Tostaderos and happy to work with Pere and all the team. Cheers mates!




True Coffee Experience 2016

Intense work and learnings in our visit at the National Championships of SCAE and the True Coffee Experience 2016, in Matadero de Madrid.



Latte Art wokshops with Barista Kim



2 amazing days of latte art workshops with Kim Ossenblok. All the crew from Tostaderos we have learnt and improved our skills thanks to you Kim!






Opening of the new Espacio Dalla Corte Bcn

Congrats to our friends of  Dalla Corte for the opening of the new Espacio Dalla Corte en Barcelona. We have been there and it’s amazing!






Brazilian trip: amazing days, great coffee




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The new SCAA wheel of flavors


After 21 years, an upgrade of the SCAA wheel of flavours. Cheers to all the coffee crew!



Shots of Dibarcafé #2: day starts here


Sandwichez Sant Antoni

Ronda Sant Antoni 35 Barcelona



Shots of Dibarcafé #1: sunny corner in upper Bcn



P. Bonanova 28 Barcelona



Merry Christmas!

Coffee always gives what you ask for. Merry Christmas



We love golf

Dibarcafé is an official sponsor of one of the  Club de Golf Vallromanes holes. If you like golf, we can meet in  Vallromanes, close to Barcelona. ¿Wanna greenfee?



Host Milano 2015

Amazing days at Host Milano enjoying and learning with friends and pros!



USA trip

Recently arrived from our USA trip with our friends of Port de Barcelona. Inspiration everywhere. We visited Black Brick Coffee, Brooklyn Roasting Company and much more. Amazing places, amazing days at NYC!





Our blend for Sandwichez

Proud to introduce our special blend we’ve made for Sandwichez.

Find it in their coffee shops in Barcelona!



Tostaderos Ciutat Vella

We have reopened our coffee shop at Llibreteria stree. Hope you like the new look!



Captura de pantalla 2015-09-16 a las 11.17.07

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-16 a las 11.16.56

Santos Rodriguez

An amazing friend, an exceptional hard-worker. Santos is retiring. We’ll miss you mate!



Orang Utan Coffee project

Today we’ve presented the Orang Utan Coffee project with Kim Ossenblok and Valentina Dalla Corte..

Delicious coffee from Sumatra to support the coffee farmers and avoid the deforestation of Indonesia and the end of their native forest species.

Happy to be part of such a beautiful thing!


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Tostaderos Sant Andreu

Yes, we are working on our coffee shop in Sant Andreu and we are happy on how it looks like. Come and see!





A few days ago from our arrival. Sumatra was an unforgettable experience, first at the DC Campus by Dalla Corte and then working on new projects.



Collab with Adia ONG

Happy to collab with the ONG Adia, in the anual solidary lunch. Congratulations for their work in Tigray, northern Ethiopia.




Mahlköenig EK43 has recently arrived

Yes, this is our new Mahlkönig EK43 in white. We’ve tested with natural processed brazilian coffees and it has been great!


Trip to Hamburg

A few weeks ago we had been in Hamburg. An inspiring trip where we  shared experiences with mates, visited the Speicherstadt Roastery to talk about new projects, and we had been with our friends at Just.T. We love Hamburg!


justtea 3 2

Hostal de la Plaça

Workshop days: thursday at Cabrils. Once again with Kim, this time at the charming  Hostal de la Plaça. Green coffee, sensorial experience, espresso tecniques and latte art. A pleasure!

Workshop with Sandwichez

A great wednesday of workshop with Kim Ossenblok and our friends of Sandwichez. 5 rough hours discovering new flavours and aromas, and improving latte art skills at Dibar’s headquarters. Cheers mates!



Slow Food fair

Amazing Monday at the slow food fair in Gallecs, introducing ecological coffee Mundo Novo with our mates of Dalla Corte!




Happy chemex monday


Water & Coffee

Coffee taste depends on water.
So, we have been working on the purity of water with David Gasull & Sergi Gonzalez at BWT. Cheers!

New flavours of Just-T

Amazing morning at Dibarcafé headquarters, tasting the new flavours of Just-T with our mates Lars Ellerbrock & Tatjana Galitskaja. Thanks mates, it has been great!




Hario v60 & Dalla Corte Evo2

Morning making filter coffee. A delicious Gayo Highlands at Sumatra with a Hario v60 dripper & a Evo2 Dalla Corte espresso machine. Funny and tasty!

New cards!

Happy to have new cards! Meet us for a coffee and get one!





Special blend for Casa Alfonso

Remembering a few months ago, preparing the packs for the special blend to celebrate the 80 b-day of  Casa Alfonso. ¡Great place, great friends!


Our new Blackboard at Tostadores St. Andreu


Happy with our new Evo2 Blackboard special edition at Tostaderos Sant Andreu.

The first one of this new Dalla Corte machine absolutely customizable. Nice and it makes great coffee.

Dibarcafé at the I Coffee Business Masters

We’ve been at this new event by Dalla Corte Ibérica and Kim Ossenblok. A great pleasure to learn of our mates and to share with them our experiences through Marc Tregón’s conference. Cheers mates!
#go #coffeebusinessmasters #coffeemates


Coffee mates

Last week we had a great experience with Wessel Bakker at BoonenBakker : making coffees with a restored FAema E61 1-group of 1961. Cheers mate!